A Crisp Review Of The Hit Movie For A Few Dollars More With Clint Eastwood

by Doreen Collins

Leone's Dollars Trilogy is without a doubt one of the all time classic series when it comes to all out action, suspense and, well, coolness. The film in the series that is considered a "Great Film" would have to be The Good the Bad and the Ugly, but the absolute coolest of the series is, without a doubt, For a Few Dollars More. Maybe not the best, but certainly the most fun of the entire trilogy, and definitely one to put on your queue the next time you sign into your movie download service.

The movie is just full of neat, fun ideas. We get to see Clint Eastwood walking slowly towards a saloon, in the rain, with one hand hidden, and beating up on a bounty with only one fist. We get to see Lee Van Cleef pulling out a big arsenal of rifles and pistols and piecing them together bit by bit to snipe at a fleeing bad guy. And the villain is probably the strangest and coolest of the series.

He uses a musical pocket watch every time he kills one of his victims. When the music stops, he draws and fires. The story surrounding this watch is interesting, too, forming the heart of the subplot involving Lee Van Cleef.

Cleef plays Colonel Mortimer, a Civil War Hero turned bounty hunter who teams up with Clint Eastwood's Man With No Name to take this guy out. The Colonel has personal history with the guy, so while The Man With No Name is just out to make a buck, Mortimer is out for revenge. The way their two objectives intersect and reinforce one another is really something to see.

The two have one of the all time best Man Movie bonding scenes, shooting each other's hats off of their respective heads in an effort to impress and intimidate one another.

There really isn't another film in almost any genre outside of the musical that uses music quite as effectively as this film. The pocket watch plays a little melody written by Ennio Morricone, and in the finale, the melody is layered into an epic orchestrated piece that really builds an incredible amount of tension before anyone draws a pistol and finally fires.

Sergio Leone has made some of the greatest contributions to film, and his career was cut sadly short just before Stalingrad, the WWII film which might have been his Magnum Opus.

If there's only one thing missing from the film, it's Eli Wallach, who's turn as Tuco may have been one of the all time great western performances, but regardless, the film is a whole heck of a lot of fun.

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Australia's Most Popular Beaches

by Annie Shelton

Australia's Most Popular Beaches - A premier destination vacation anytime of the year, Australia is one of the best during the summer season as this sub-continent is surrounded by seas and oceans. When planning a destination vacation, we always consider going to the beach. In Australia, the most beautiful time of the year is during summer, since this is the time were all beaches are filled to the edge do to the finest views of seas and beaches in the world. With more than a thousand kilometers of stretches of beaches, it is an ordinary thing to see stunning and spectacular views on a daily basis. But of course, there are beaches that just stand out from the rest. This article will give you an idea on where to go if what you are looking for are the most popular and the best beaches in Australia.

Palm Beach - Known in Sydney as the most preferred hangout for locals and foreign visitors, Palm Beach is an ideal place to recharge your energy after a very tiring day of adventure. The beach was named for the Cabbage Tree palms that were near Cabbage Tree Boat Harbour. Although it is also open for the public, their frequent visitors are those that belong to wealthy class in Australia. This collection of beaches don't have the most beautiful views of the country, it is the major center for water sports and hiking. There are also a number of resorts and golf courses here, it has also been featured in many music videos in the country and became the setting for the famous soap opera Home and Away.

Hyams Beach Jervis Bay - Palm Beach may be the most popular beach in Sydney, but most Australians would rather go to Hyams Beach every summer. Just a 2 hours drive from Sydney, this beach has a lot of natural attractions like kangaroos and plants rather than architectural attractions. Hyams is a perfect destination for those who enjoy tranquility and nature. Because of these, it has been declared as a national park just recently, making it as one of the most highly maintained tourist destinations in the country. Clean water, impressive performances by dolphins and amazing underwater camera, Hyams Beach is an all-in-one for lovers of nature. Residents and tourists can also enjoy some fun filled activities, such as jet-skiing, swimming, fishing and sailing.

Four-Mile Beach - This beach is one of the longest beaches in the area of Port Douglas. Four-Mile Beach got its name from the fact that we can walk in four miles straight in its entire stretch. Hikers and tourists are definitely going to love the amazing scenery and uninterrupted views. This became the most well loved destination for many local or foreign families, since there are many interesting things to do, aside from that, this beach is a residence for many different animals, your children are surely going to love this place. The sea is clear and deep, with good opportunities for fishing and boating. The only danger that you have to watch out for is the infestation of jellyfish for several weeks. Nevertheless, throughout the year, this beach is a safe place to find fun and sun.

Australia is blessed with too many amazing beaches to list, offering some of the world's best surfing, snorkeling, scuba diving and of course just relaxing with a cool one. In the right season the sun is hot and the sea is cool. However, the country is also home to a magnificent collection of deadly creatures, on land and sea. These creatures are well-known to the local population and treated with due respect. Visitors should use caution. The beautiful beaches you'll discover in Australia are no longer new for ordinary people here, in fact, it now become an interesting part of their daily lives. The next time you want to be in the country during your vacation, be sure to visit some of the above popular beaches.

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Free Web Tv: Great Programming At No Cost

by Antony J Parkins

Watching television is always fun. It is a great distraction from the mundane things that go on each and every day. The worst thing about it is the fees we have to pay to watch anything good. There are few public access stations in existence. In most cases you have to pay for cable service and it is not cheap. Between installation and the monthly charges, it can get quite expensive. Thanks to free web TV, however, we can now completely avoid this.

It is very easy to access satellite programming right on your existing computer. You do not need any special techniques to be able to get it up and running. Downloading some software is all you need to do. This means you are ready to access it, right away. You do not have to wait for a company representative to come to your door.

The type of computer you own does not matter, either. You can use it on a PC or a MAC. Either one will allow you instant access to the best channels available. The only fee you have to pay is to purchase the software.

You can watch everything from your favorite television series to that engrossing soap opera. If you prefer crime dramas or cartoons, there are also plenty of those available. You can browse thousands of channels to find what sparks your interest.

You can even tune in those local channels that most satellite companies charge you extra to access. Why pay more to watch the local news? Stop wasting your hard earned money.

Free web TV is a great viewing solution for anyone who is sick of paying high monthly TV bills. You can watch all of your favorites at anytime, just by using your computer. Most people spend many hours in front of them, anyway. Being able to use it to watch the best quality programming is just another task they can help you accomplish.

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